Senior Finance Manager

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When hiring a Senior Finance Manager, there are several crucial aspects to consider. Look for candidates with extensive experience in financial management, including budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, and reporting. They should possess strong leadership skills, as they will be responsible for managing a finance team and providing guidance and support. Candidates should have a deep understanding of financial regulations and compliance, along with the ability to develop and implement financial strategies aligned with business goals. Attention to detail, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills are essential, as they will be involved in identifying areas for cost savings, improving financial performance, and mitigating risks. Strong communication and presentation skills are also important for effectively conveying financial information to stakeholders.

Skills to Assess
  • Finance Management
  • IFRS and Local GAAP
  • Excel
  • UAE Taxation Senior
Related Roles
  • Finance Director
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Operations Manager
  • Senior Financial Analyst

Skills assessed in our quiz

Finance Management

This skill block evaluates the knowledge of financial management principles, including budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, and financial reporting. It also tests the ability to use financial management tools and techniques for effective decision-making.

IFRS and Local GAAP

We evaluate the knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and their application in financial reporting.


This skill block evaluates the proficiency in using Microsoft Excel, including data entry, data manipulation, and data analysis. It also tests the ability to use common Excel functions and features for efficient data processing.

UAE Taxation Senior

This skill block evaluates the candidate's knowledge and expertise in UAE tax laws and regulations, including the preparation of tax returns. The assessment also covers the candidate's ability to understand complex tax structures and provide advice on tax optimization strategies.

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Video Interview Questions

Here are a list of suggested interview questions to ask candidates who have successfully completed the screening quiz:
Question 1

Can you provide an example of a financial strategy or initiative you developed and implemented that positively impacted the organization's financial performance?

Question 2

How do you stay updated with changes in financial regulations and ensure compliance within the organization?

Question 3

Can you describe a time when you successfully led a finance team to achieve departmental objectives and deliver accurate and timely financial reports?

Question 4

How do you approach financial analysis and forecasting to identify potential risks and opportunities for the organization?

Question 5

In your opinion, what are the key financial metrics or KPIs to track and monitor for effective financial management, and how have you utilized them in your previous roles?

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